“Not I” -by morfeas9

Not I is a twenty-minute dramatic monologue written in 1972(March 20 to April 1) by Samuel Beckett. It takes place in a pitch black space illuminated only by a single beam of light. This light illuminates an actress’s mouth. The mouth utters a monologue of fragmented, jumbled sentences which gradually coelesces into a narrative about a woman who has suffered an unpleasant experience. The title comes from the character’s repeated insistence that the events she describes did not happen to her.



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2 responses to ““Not I” -by morfeas9

  1. Γεια χαρά.
    έχει ανέβει και στην Ελλάδα, αυτό το έργο, το “Ω ,οι ωραίες μέρες” δεν είναι?

  2. morfeas9

    kitakse den ime siguros… pantos den ine akrivos ergo. ise siguri oti iparxi sta ellinika? tha imun poli periergos na to do…

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