Heavy ghosts of Juan Muñoz -by morfeas9

Juan Muñoz (born Madrid, Spain 1953) was a Spanish artist who died unexpectedly in August 2001. He is known internationally for his enigmatic sculptural installations, often populated by strangely haunting, almost-human figures. Juan Muñoz came to prominence in the mid-1980s with his gallery installations, in which a single figure or architectural element was isolated spatially through perspectival techniques. Often the figure was a clown or dwarf and the effect was one of alienation. Juan Muñoz is renowned for sculptural works in which he situates the human figure within elaborate or complex architectural settings. These are created using elements such as patterned floors, staircases and balconies. Then, by a highly considered placement of the figures, Muñoz entices the viewer into an engagement with the implied dramas unravelling within. His Conversation Piece public art project was installed in 1999 and can be seen on the North Sea coast at South Shields:

A collection of Juan Munoz’s art work will be presented in a special exhibition in Tate Modern from the 24 of January until the 27 of April, named Juan Munoz: A Retrospective. For more information visit:



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7 responses to “Heavy ghosts of Juan Muñoz -by morfeas9

  1. maria t.

    areski mu polla to “heavy ghosts” ws frasi je ws ikona..!en titlos ergu tu?
    p.s.:prepi na 8imi8ume na pameee!

  2. morfeas9

    lol… oxi ego to eskeftika cuz eterkazen polla ennen?:P mpravo m!

  3. areskei mou to modesty sou re morfea! panta se akolou8ei (san ti poli ena prama).

  4. morfeas9

    lol! an den penesis to spiti su pefti ke se plakoni… i maria t. etzimithiken putes 10!!

  5. maria t.

    e nne lipon!ejimi8ika pu tes deka(afe8ika sta xeria tu morfea..tu asila omos!)!..mian foran ipa j egw na ppesw(na kamw voukkudan)..je exasa aftin tin endiaferon sizitisis gia ton xaraxtira tu agapitu morfea!…o morfeas den 8a itan o morfeas xwris to diaskedastiko “modesty” tu ke to “lol” tu..(na min 3exannume ke to “lolyx”)

  6. tragiko opos je na shei.
    Nomizo prepei na piasoume tin filenada pou to King’s pou kamnei philosophy na kamei join to prawnkrakaaa.

  7. morfeas9

    the more the merrier…:)

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