Kratos Dikaiou by RoAm

I won’t type much.

Just go here : Kratos Dikeou

Thanks to Ombion for posting the link.

Brainless people have potential. They can always join the Cypriot police force. They get training (i suppose) and they may even learn a couple of skills (microsoft word or any other system that Cy police uses).

But after this i am allowed to conclude that they do not study human rights. I previously had assumed that police constables read/study law and can implement it. However i always seem to neglect one defining variable; we are still in Cyprus where the pithikos/apolitistos attitude is still appreciated and applied. Ginete an8ropoi reeeeeee!

I have never been part of an “anti-racism” or any other “social” movement but these images have certainly made me think about joining this antiracism one. They need all the help they can get. And let’s not forget that i am a foreigner in my current residence…Are British more welcoming and mentally advanced than Cypriots? Well, no! They just hold it inside them until they get drunk and start the swearing monologue about “bloody foreigners”. Even so, they did not use their “power” to use violence against peaceful demonstrators. And they would certainly not trigger an outburst.

Although i must say that i cannot understand why the panic and the tsirillies part in the videos and how some sort of little demonstration turned into this mess. I am missing episodia in between the scenes…


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