Anthony MacCall -by maria t.


anthony mccall’s show was an experience. his work is strong even if it’s just so simple and pure as an idea…using only light, a haze machine and a dark room (ohh!and the viewer’s interaction of course).

a new dimension was that easy to make?

….just look at it from the outside…go around…stretch your hand…play with your can touch the go inside if you want….look around..,look around…

screw the drugs!just go to the anthony mccall show!



Filed under Could it be art?

4 responses to “Anthony MacCall -by maria t.

  1. Good stuff. I like the atmosphere here.

  2. you shall come in again then dear passenger!

  3. Eugenie

    Cool! You used my picture of the show:) Glad you put up the credit.

    In case you’re interested, I just uploaded several others. You can see it from all different sides, and the interactions.
    It was magical. You could really *feel* the light.

  4. i really like your pictures!it’s an accomplishment to capture his pieces so nicely.

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