Where is Vaggelia? -by morfeas9

Pame gia kati pio light, yet still an important cultural contribution to our evolution as human species! Please enjoy “Mazoo and the Zoo”, you won’t regret it afterwards…

The Parrot: 

The Camel:



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11 responses to “Where is Vaggelia? -by morfeas9

  1. Je go kamno lab report…kai troo cornflakes kai akouo Diafana Krina… je seis trote chockolates me mazoo and the zoo. Aponi zoi.

  2. morfeas9

    Kata t’alla ivres ora to check out this site… and your facebook I assume!!!

    morfeas9+maria t. responding!

  3. aperandi 8limmeni andartiki by diafana krina is dedicated to you my dear roam(new song on our prawnkraka box at the top right)..!just because you were not here with us…je exases tin perigisi sto mazoo and the zoo…you might find a poliki arkuda stin ap. 8lim. andartiki!

  4. You know at first I thought the parrot thing was a symbolism for his dick – you know like old Blues songs which talked about red roosters and snakes – so I thought that it was a good piece of sexual innuendo. But then I kept watching and nothing backed up this theory. It really was a painful piece of crap.

    It would be *almost* bearable if the women were nude .You know, maybe we should give it to the CIA for interrogations. Or play it to people in jail so that they commit suicide and free up space.The possibilities are endless.

  5. morfeas9

    En to analisa ego etsi polla… apla etheorisa to tragiko and yet entertaining in a weird way. As for the ladies… I have to admit oti tin ksanthia pao tin polla!

  6. guys!…this is a freakin children’s show…u r not suppose to check out the chiks!…(even if the parrot guy is sorta cute twra pu ton 8orw!)

  7. I don’t see what else we can do with this clip to be honest.

  8. And I bet the kids watching this will have some really weird fantasies, ‘specially if they are getting into puberty.

  9. it is amazing how everything can be translated into sex related ideas…

    Even though i do admit it, watching sailor moon or listening to Barbie Girl song, 10 years after my original exposure to these was a totally different thing…

  10. morfeas9

    Passenger… prepi na su areski o Freud esenan??

  11. Never read him. Given that pop culture is driven by sexual undertones (even the mere fact that you don’t see any ugly women in video clips is enough) I am surprised that I am singled out as a weirdo for pointing out the obvious.

    Of course we could branch out to other symptoms of this affliction, like for example Junior Eurovision (where you see 12 year old children dressing and acting on stage like they are adult pop divas) but this would be overkill.

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