Progress of people’s character -by RoAm

How can someone improve himself/herself?

First of all is there a need for someone to improve himself?
Isn’t it the people around him that may have opposing views and problems with the comprehension of his acts? Why don’t they improve instead?

Favlos kiklos (pou 8a elegen kai enas filos…).

Also, if people do not change how can they be lead to improvement?

Perhaps they can adjust to situations? Or they may even alter their behaviour depending on the surrounding people. But isn’t that hypocrisy

Τζαι δαμέ παρετώ να σκέφτουμαι τούντα φιλοσοφικά και αλλάσω τραγούδι στο winamp, πριν να πελλάνω.




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5 responses to “Progress of people’s character -by RoAm

  1. Of course people can change. Only they might need help to do it.

    It’s not hypocricy, it’s tactics.

  2. I’m not the same person I was two years ago so there’s your proof 🙂

  3. morfeas9

    heh… ne we should try to improve, a more suitable verb than change, ourselves… but do we have the right to try to improve someone else? enna mu pis according to which criteria pai kati lathos me ton allo from our point of view? well in some cases… enan general standard of logic applies here. So should we just accept ton allon opos eni, akoma ke an according to our or the general opinion pai kati lathos?

  4. @ The Passenger : Hmm…it takes a lot of effort to change. Well done!!! Hope it was for the best 😉

    @ Morfeas9: you may help and point out the flaws in the character but you should be able to stand the same critisism. It is a very thin line actually, from being rude to being helpful in this situation.

  5. Oftentimes Roam change happens without you even realising it. Think of glaciers. That gigantic sheet of ice moves continuasly yet you don’t realise it when you are standing on it. You wake up one morning and realise, in slight shock, that you are just not the same as you used to. It might be a thought you never had before, the sudden impulse to do something you thought you would never do a couple of months back. And that is how you know you’ve changed. The only effort required is to be open-minded. And it is this that is the hardest thing of all, for all of us.

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