The Man with the Blue Guitar -by morfeas9

Yesterday, whilst travelling in a London Underground’s tube station,  I noticed on the advertisting spaces a poem by Wallace Stevens, “The Man with the Blue Guitar”. It seems that Transport for London authorities have decided to try and include cultural elements, for the heavy task of enlightening the public (en ironika pu to lalo!), in spaces where you would normally see promising advertising slogans that attempt to enforce a need of consumption. Here is the example:

In  reference to maria t.’s previous post on defacing billboards, could this effort be succesful in creating a more humanistic approach towards advertising campaigns?

 At the same time, at, there is a new competition which is described as  “The challenge for agency creative teams is to design a Tube card ad over one or two cards which will explore more interesting, involving concepts in more depth. To give brand new thinking on any of your clients brands.” What does exploring concepts in more depth mean? The goal of this competition seems a bit vague to me….

The winners are promised the following prizes:

  • The winning creative team will each receive a weekend break for two in New York.
  • The winning creative team and client will receive a London Tube car campaign where the creative will feature across the London Underground network on Tube cards.
  • If the winning brief has come via the account manager at the media agency, they will receive £300 of retail vouchers of their choice.
“Next time people travel on the tube, words and ideas about any of your clients products could take them to places they’ve never been before.” Could this be possible? A museum-like spiritual uplifting through advertisinments?
The following statement by the concerning authoritities does seem a bit overestimated, since they think that this could lead to a new movement, challenging our pre-conceived notions:“Subversive stories full of radical new ideas. Sounds like a throwback to the experimental days of the 60s. But a new Underground movement is starting under the streets of London right now. One that will challenge the established thinking of glib headlines or huge phone numbers. Tube cards can tell a proper story to a captive audience of people travelling on the Underground. They provide a unique and one to one relationship, on average; people spend around 13 minutes reading Tube cards.”

Anyway, here is an ad on travelling… travel to Cyprus with only 40 pounds! Thought it was fun to see…



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4 responses to “The Man with the Blue Guitar -by morfeas9

  1. i like the continuation of our posts…!the poem idea is cool…it would be great if we could see poems on the huge billboards instead of ads..!just imagine…a city with pieces of writing posted around the streets.!

  2. @ Maria T:
    Nop that wouldn’t do…
    Skeftou opou giriseis na 8oreis grammata je “deeper meaning”.
    O kosmos giro mas prepei nan pezos unless you choose the opposite. Mallon itan na pellanoume an e8orousame huge poems.
    Protimo na 8oro tin panemorfi diafimisi tou Jack daniels para 5 verses enos poiimatos. Tora an eshei kati poji poda apla gia na spazoun oi diafimiseis ne, it is very nice and new.
    An den 8eloume ta billboards as ta katevasoume alltogether.

  3. i wasn’t being serious re…!just a weird idea inspired by the post..!
    je an den 8elume ta billboards omos….en jen toson aplo na ta katevasume…pezunde polla simferonda…!prepi na ta 8orumen giro mas..8elumen en 8elumen!

  4. hmm na sou po tin ali8kia (amartia mou fisika) areskoun mou ta billboards…diladi san odigas na petassete mprosta sou o fresko3iourismenos Beckham en jen je ashimo prama…ftanei nan ais8itika ‘omorfi’ i diafimisi.

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