I watched a Samuel Beckett last night too -by morfeas9

I expect to be one, I expect firstly to be second, third, last.

I expect to be born, I expect firstly to end the beginning.

I expect to evaporate, I expect firstly to grasp soil.

I expect to breathe in rythmn, I expect firstly to gain ground.

I expect to draw circles, I expect firstly to be clear and precise.

I expect to feel dry, I expect firstly to watch the burning.

I expect to end in one second.

I expect to never end.

I watched a Samuel Beckett last night too.



Filed under Could it be art?, Could it be nothing at all?

21 responses to “I watched a Samuel Beckett last night too -by morfeas9

  1. Yeah but the other one has “fuck” in it so it’s clearly better.


  2. morfeas9

    Ine different responses to the same erethisma agapite mu passenger! But if u insist…

    I expect to fuck all night long, I expect firstly to use protection.


  3. Only if you make it more poetic

  4. morfeas9

    Hm… any suggestions?

  5. You are the artist man. 🙂

  6. morfeas9

    Na to dexto… esi pos tha eponomazes ton eafto su dld?:P

  7. haha!”not all there” ha?

  8. morfeas9

    So you are missing some parts of you?

  9. morfeas9

    All of us are… but entha evalla to incomplete like a label to myself.

  10. All of us are, yes!

    Now where would the fun be if I told you that?

  11. morfeas9

    Heh… enna milumen pollin ora me grifus?:P Ksero to oti ennen katanagki simantiko sto identity kapiu, alla ti espudases an epitrepete?

  12. It’s in the blog. Just search using keywords like “degree” or “studies” or something along these lines. Only don’t remind me of it when you do find out.

  13. i epixirisi arxiziiii…..!

  14. morfeas9

    I’m gonna respect ur wish ke dan tha su to thimiso… so tora ise in cy i guess?

  15. During the time that I am not in some bizarre land of my own creation, yes.

  16. morfeas9

    Orea… by the way den ithela na su kamo anakrisi. Xerome anyway pu mirazese tis “anisixies” mas:)

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