Of our age -by morfeas9

For about half of each year, the Eurovision Song Contest becomes one of our society’s main topics up for discussion! It’s a phenomenon of our current age, that seems to grow in popularity and never fails to stirr alot of interest. Could it actually have something to do with music or is it just cheesy performances put together under a glittering show? Could it be guilt-free fun? An escape from the seriousness of a society’s “more culturally important” affairs or political problematics? Does it concern or should it have to concern an idea of nationhood?

Alot of people act quickly to dismiss Eurovision, claiming that it’s too cheesy for their taste. It would be of great interest to attempt to understand why such a huge amount of people get involved with it. In the end of the day, some important effects on a country’s socio-economical level may be brought about, so we should not disregard Eurovision’s implications. Let’s not forget how many artist now concidered to be very succesful, have had their careers boosted in national, as well as international levels throughout the years.

Anyway… here is Kalomira’s entry “Secret Combination”, followed by Martaki’s “Always and Forever”, whilst Chrispa’s entry “A Chance to Love” should surface soon:

As the categorys’ suggest, could it be art or could it be nothing at all?



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16 responses to “Of our age -by morfeas9

  1. ..or could eurovision be the meaning of life?=p

  2. eixa mian ennoia…
    Omos paradexoumai to, to mai en orea na firnesai mprosta pou ti TV kai na piskalas gia tin Kipro je ate ate gia tin Ellada (let’s not forget ta panairka pou ekerdise i paparizou je to “oh my god en 8eos o gerimos” gia to rouva). Kata ta alla en 8oro poupote ta socio-economical implications. Je en nomizo na eshei tooooooooosous pollous fans i torasini Eurovision. Palia pou itan festival mousikis tis ka8e xoras nai, alla tora pou en panairi tou globalisation ti na tin kameis?

  3. morfeas9

    Pantos tin nixta pu pezi i Eurovision.. enan rekor tiletheasis stin Evropi spazi to! Ara mono k mono pu afieroses tris ores tis zois su enan savato simeni asxolithikes… plus ta economical benefits on tourism iparxun! logika ipraxun polla money flows gia na asxolunte me tunto prama ta pio polla national ipurgia turismu.

  4. morfeas9

    “eixa mian ennoia…” – akrivos oti ennousa me typical kipriaki simperifora pros Eurovision! to panairi su kamnis to but at the same time en mas kofti katholu.

  5. panairi kamno je me ti mappa (aman piasei i omonia to prota8lima/kipello/derei to apoel etc) alla en je asxoloumai se genikes grammes… got my point?

  6. morfeas9

    ne alla pale… asxolithikes in the end with it:P

  7. Personally I only watch the songs where the artists are women under 25. And then only if they are minimally dressed.But still, there are times when their songs are so goddamn awful that even that isn’t enough to keep me from changing the channel.

    You have to applaud the English for inventing the term EuroTrash. It fits perfectly. What is Eurovision in general? It is a show where people perform awful imitations of English pop(or RnB or rap or rock), complete with often terrible accents. There is the occasional good song – often with ethnic roots such as Serbia’s entry two years ago – but that is drowned in the cabaret acts that are the competition’s main attraction.

    I will agree that Eurovision is a great way to judge the effects of English pop culture in Europe – it would make a good subject for a sociology PhD.

    Why do people watch it? Well because it is different. I tend to think that even if people were mud-wrestling instead of singing people would still watch it because of this once-in-a-year thing. And of course we should not forget the age-old gimmick of national rivalries.

    But I do think that others have it worse than us. I remember when I was watching the contest a few years back with a mixed group of Cypriots and Greeks. The Cypriots were just chillin, poking jokes at various performers and generally having a good time. The Greeks were stressed out as if their country’s future depended on it. I remember a girl that at one particular point during the voting started shouting that Greeks have no allies and that the others conspired against them to snatch the prize for them.

    May God have mercy on her soul.

    Is it art? Gee, I don’t know, I mean first you have to define art in order to pass judgement and that is a whole can of worms.

  8. morfeas9

    Art-as-art definition by Ad Reinhardt is an interesting opinion…

    Anyway, en ksero ti mpori i Eurovision na ine or anksizi na skefto ti eni… pantos ena prama en siuro. Otan i Paparizu efkiken pano sti skini ke esustiken, ego epethana pu ton enthusiasmo mu.

  9. morfeas9

    I almost pissed myself maria t., megalon panairi followed afterwards celebriting Greece’s victory as our own! Is this problematic for own nationhood? Ides eshi polla issues at stake…:P

  10. para polla ta issues at stake agapite mu morfea..!!!giafto k’ ego iha anaroti8i…. “could eurovision be the meaning of life?”….

    oi re…(sovara twra)eshi fasi na 8oris eurovision, na trwis pizza je na kamnis pashamaa….but that’s about it(which is enough for me anws)!…

  11. morfeas9

    I agree with you… alla oi meta na girizume ke na lalume Eurovision is for low I.Q. atoma!

  12. never said that and never will!

  13. morfeas9

    en milo gia sena!!:P

  14. Haha it all started when someone told morfeas that Eurovision is for dipshits enen?


  15. yeap!that’s probably how it started…!men tus akuis sior…!

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