orlan at goldsmiths!- by maria t.

orlan at goldsmiths!




Filed under Could it be art?, Could it be nothing at all?

11 responses to “orlan at goldsmiths!- by maria t.

  1. Passenger… ise tipote part of a mysticism cult?

  2. No, are you interested in joining one?

  3. E kitakse… nomizo kani me to the search of the ultimate human or non-human truth pu kamno mesa pu to course mu! En thelo tzialo mysticism!

  4. who are we morfeas?where did we come from?and most importantly…:do we exist?!

  5. en ksero maria mu… pantos tzino pu ksero for sure ine oti to apogevma tha xtipiso enan giro me patates!:P

  6. =p..lol morfea!epies jikato je eksexases tes yparksiakes mas anisixies??!!!girus je pellares!

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