Back then -by morfeas9


Etimazome na ksanaziso ta xronia tu dimotiku… Pu exorefkame sta party to Every night in my dreams, I see you, I feel you! To thriller sequel sto blockbuster movie Titanic, erxete afto to kalokeri in a cinema nearby you! Min to xasete, tha xasete.



Filed under Could it be art?, Could it be nothing at all?

15 responses to “Back then -by morfeas9

  1. simandiki erwtisi..:enna pezi o leo?

  2. e en thoris tin affisshudan?? ma fisika. the scenario states that he comes back as a zombie to haunt kate winslet!!

  3. malista…!na to dumen tote!

  4. Χα, θυμούμαι μια γνωστή μου που επίστεψε ότι εν πραγματική τούτη η ταινία. Τελικά έσιει αθρώπους που πιστεύκουν ότι πελλάρα δουν. Scary.

  5. Heh… ma ennen alithini re????

  6. What, you mean you actually fell for it?

  7. Oi itan ironic to sxolio! Eshis me gia anthropo tetias noimosinis?:P

  8. If you had seen the things I have seen son…


  9. Opas to son? Pos tin idame patera?:P

  10. It’s good to get a bit theatrical now and then.

  11. Eshis to tuton eproseksato… The world is a stage and all the men and women merely players.

  12. Keep them guessing, that’s the trick.

  13. re morfea e88imises mu oti exasamen to “a world is a stage” tu tate..!

  14. heh… well epiasen polla bad reviews alla prepi na itan polla interesting exhibition. ethkievasa to booklet tis ekthesis ke itan lion polla pezos o tropo pu ipostirizan to poson magically to theatro ke fine art sindiazonte!

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