post-it.- by maria t.


p.s.:i like my bed…..a lllot.


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10 responses to “post-it.- by maria t.

  1. Μαριλένα


  2. thanks..!!!it’s kind of tragic as well but anws!

  3. Μαριλένα

    yeah.. self-destructive

  4. Maria mu ise kala?? Na kliso tora ptisi na rto piso? Axothika…

  5. morfea mu…min anisixis(…polla!)..!kseris to provlima mu me to proino ksipnima…!!!
    elpizw na voi8isi to post it…=p

  6. Ne i know… i have it too! Yet in CY en shirottera ta pramata… en sikonume me tpt! Simera egine thavma ke ekatapiestika na sikosto stis 1.

  7. piiii!!!me katapiesin iwra mia a?inda na kamumen???egw nomizw ivra tin lisi me ta post-its!…skeftume na gemisw to dwmatio…!!!i na ta valw se stratigikes topo8esies!

  8. Aspume pano pu tin touletta… “Trava kazanaki!”. Kati etsi?

  9. nne mbravo!and around the laptop area aspume!!!

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