camden town. -by maria t.


giati epiren foko i camdeeen?…ishen fanelludes me quirky/funny stuff written on them!… je ftines dr.martens boots!damn it!…ixa je arketa memories jame…:eki ekama gia proti fora kati “experimentations” sta malia mu…ke eki ekseperasa tin “anakatsio tundo fai” fovia mu!

krimas ta..!

ase pu exasan je 300 plasmata tin dulia tus!

perki ta dior8osun ulla etsi aksippa!

(a!itan je to stekki tis winehouse…so they better fix it fast na men to riksi sta sklira narkotika pale je na exumen to kriman tis!)



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13 responses to “camden town. -by maria t.

  1. Μανα μου το camdenoudin…Πέρσι κάθε 2-3 κυριακές ήμουν τζαμέ. Τα στολλς με όλων των ειδών λέτσικα ‘national’ φαγιά ήταν κάτι ανεπανάληπτο. Τα Dr Marteens εν τα εσυμπάθησα ποττέ…και η μαρκέττα ήταν μοστλυ τραγική αλλά αγαπούμε το Καμντεν για την τραγικότητα και το ‘ίνταλως εν έτσι μάνα μου τούτο’ quality του.

    Who can forget the first stall as you enterred the lock via the canal called ” The Cypriot”. Πουρκούρι/λουκάνικα/μανιτάρκα/πίττα/ταχί/σαλάτα ούλλα μες σε ένα χάρτενο πιατούδι.
    Τι μπορεί να είναι πιο καλτ?

    Μεν μου ανησυχείς μαρία μου! Ούλλα θα τα σάσουν σε χρόνο ντετε (λέμε τώρα…). Αν τζαι νομίζω εν τζαιν το καθ’ αυτόν μάρκετ που έκρουσε.

  2. Μαριλένα


  3. Ναι αγαπητή μαριλένα, Εκρουσε!

  4. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Wood was alive once, after all.

  5. Anonymous

    mana mu je ego den eprolava to cypriot stall!!!

  6. @ The Passenger : it was a fire in the middle of london, where loads and loads of people work, live and stroll. They’ve burnt it down once, haven’t they learnt to be more careful?

    @ Anonymous : It is ok, nevermind…it wasn’t that special. You can bring your own loukanika and pourkouri 😛

  7. @passenger
    aresen mu polla jino pu egrapses pio pano…”ashes to ashes…”
    alla jame pu ipes gia tus english..! to idio garoi imasten ulli…english or not..!en jen mono jinoi pu kamnun repeat the same mistakes..

  8. Nope. When it comes to burning down houses the English are far worse than Cypriots.

    In 2003 there were 395 deaths from house fires in the UK. With a population of 60 million that comes to 0.000658% of the population.

    In 2003 there were how many deaths from house fires in Cyprus? I’d guess none but let’s say 2 for the sake of argument. Surely you don’t recall more people dying from house fires on an average year here? With a population of say, 650 000, that comes to 0.0003077% of the population. That’s almost HALF the english percentage.

    I only searched for statistics after writing that line because some things are evident from the English culture. If they need to make a gazzilion fire drills in student halls and show ads all the time on TV about fire safety then it is apparent that they really have a problem.Not to mention the fact that on both years when I lived with English people there were always instances where someone had left a frying pan full with oil on an open fire. They really are more careless than us when it comes to fire safety in living quarters. I admire the English for many things – as it should have become apparent by now – but I also detest them for others. And this is one of them.

  9. Ha, my first blog post was about a fire alarm going off. Ah, the memories…

  10. twra pu to lalis sta halls kamnun mas sinexia fire drills alla ypologisa oti en just for bureaucracy shit.

    en 3erw statistikes alla 8imume persi to kalojerin pu eginiken jinos ullos o xamos me tes fo8kies…je elladan je kypron..
    stin kypron en exa8ikan a8rwpoi alla polla dendra, pu gia emena en isa3ia…

    apla en mu areski na xrisimopiw frasis se style “oi british etsi”, “oi kypreoi allospos”….an je en based on facts tuta pu leis…i can see that..

    alla ime se fasi twra pu girefkw to pws dimiourgounde tunda racial comments…
    ennen apla coincidence right?…alla pu tin alli pws ginete enas ari8mos a8ropwn se mia xwra na exi tasin na arkefki pirkagies pio polla i pio llion pu allin.?

  11. Because of the past, the present and the place. History, daily life and geography define cultures in my opinion.

    The earliest homo sapiens population was about 100 people. Entertain this conjecture if you will, what if entire tribes (which later evolved into nations) had a single human as their progenitor. What if some of that individual’s particular traits (positive or negative) diffused into its descendats in the same manner that the traits of parents diffuse into their children?

  12. all these are really interesting…!i shall look more into this…

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