Molecular Gastronomy by RoAm

” Science of deliciousness”

‘Interest in the application of science to the art of cookery is growing. Cooks once regarded the introduction of scientific reasoning, let alone laboratory techniques, into their kitchens with suspicion, even with hostility. That time seems to be past. Nevertheless, both in restaurants and in domestic kitchens, many cooks tend to remain faithful to the grand culinary traditions and practices they were taught, without knowing why (or really even whether) those practices guarantee the best results. Thus, cooks add pinches of flour when heating custards to prevent them from curdling; they rigidly follow certain protocols in making souffl.s; they generally do not vary the proportions of ingredients in their recipes, and so on. Perhaps for that reason, culinary superstitions and old wives’ tales continue to flourish.

The mistrust of scientific explanations for culinary mysteries is all the more surprising given that music, painting, sculpture and the performing arts have prospered with experimental scrutiny and discovery. Science has improved the technologies for preserving, reproducing and disseminating works of art, which has led to a greater appreciation of those works by a wider audience. There is no proof that science and technology have compromised creativity in any way; they may even have helped it.’
[ Copy paste from Scientific American article back in 1994]

According to the fact that food is a major passion of mine (in my mind food is synonymous with prosperity, good company, laughter and in general a joyful picture embroidered with happy people), this  molecular gastronomy thing seems quite interesting.

Imagine…knowing exactly what your outcome will be like. Sticking to proportions that will give you some sort of ‘ultimate’ taste. Who would have thought caviar and chocolate are a matching taste? Apparently they are…

Cullinary arts is such an amazing thing. I sent an email to my mom a couple of days ago saying that i want to be a chef and of course she said the typical “agapi mou o,ti 8eleis na gineis”, but now i really am serious!!!

Even though we could stick to the science, some imagination is always needed (although i can imagine how helpful it would be to have an array of tables with matching ingredients etc).

And let’s not forget the drinks…wine and coffee each has a league of its own.

And the science of boiling eggs (which is dedicated to my dear beloved friend in Bath)

texture,aroma,flavour,vision…they all make it an outstanding act (unless you are paying the bill)


And to end this post, here’s another thing i discovered today. It is called latte art



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3 responses to “Molecular Gastronomy by RoAm

  1. Μαριλένα

    Σαν το φαϊ εν έσσει!! Η τελευταία φώτο εν ούλλα τα λεφτά.
    Η μαγειρική είναι μέσα στις τέχνες, τωρά ποιός ο αριθμός της εν εχω ιδέα..

  2. το φαΐ εν τέλειο…αλλά εν τέλειες και οι ζάμπες μου και οι κώλοι μου!

    Ναι, η μαγειρική νομίζω εν υστερεί καθόλου που τις άλλες…και συνοδεύεται ωραία και με τη μουσική και την εικόνα.

  3. roam you have to see this movie called “είναι ο θεός μάγειρας?”! en tenia tu 2006, elliniki, je protagonistis en o karamixos!…mesa se polla alla..o main character prospa8i na dimiourgisi tin telia omeletta je kapia fasi xrisimopia je science!you’ll love it!at least i did!
    p.s.:perki tin eshi greek movies .com!

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