palliopramata… -by maria t.


(stin kypro.)

areski mu na piennw peripatus mestes gitonies…me to podilaton i me ta po8kia, me musikin i xwris.piennw se xorafes je 8orw indambu petassi o kosmos…je sinaw oti mu areski i oti nio8w oti en kriman na petaxti…

to kenurgion mu apoxtima apikonizete stin pio pano photografia(leptomeria)…ena prama pu porselani(etsi fenete tulaxiston) nomizw en vazo, me decor je fkioru8kia, aspro, miso metro prama…kamboso kitsch alla i like…skeftume na to kamw fotistiko!



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14 responses to “palliopramata… -by maria t.

  1. I’m with ya , just be careful not to end up “the crazy trash lady”


  2. ohh dear passenger…believe me, my friends make jokes about that already=p

  3. Since i am a friend…Kori mou 2 meres se afika moni sou na girizeis je epies mou sta poskoupida??? Kame to fotistiko sou na doumen…

  4. @passenger: see..?told ya so passenger!”epia sta poskupida” lali mu!

    @roam: kori!decide what you prefer…!”poskupida” or na vallumen panό?..esiran allo spiti btw…
    ate!je to fotistiko dwro from me to you=p

  5. What, you are doing some kind of protest?

    About houses?

  6. There really is no rational explanation as to why we come to love a pile of stones and feel sorry when these are gone. It is one of the hardest things to figure out I think. It’s wonderful in a way, one of the many little puzzles that make up the mystery that is humanity.

  7. yes passenger..!
    we have this small group…and we morn(in a kind of a lame way) every time a building is being destroyed instead of being fixed…!

  8. The Sandman comics are for you as well then.

  9. i’m not really the comics type(only ever read some αρκάς) but i would like to take a look..!can i find any of these in the web?

  10. I would advise against it. Comics should be read on paper.

  11. do they sell any of these sto comic shop apenandi pu ta “kala ka8umena”?

  12. Sure.

    The series is 10 volumes in all, to be read in sequence.

  13. thank you…!when i have a look i will get back to you!

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