Your last breath -by morfeas9

Breath – Samuel Beckett

Dite to… mono 20 seconds pai!

peacepleasetoday (2 weeks ago)
I feel so sorry for this artist, I cant believe he makes so much money on this shit. Art is always the perception of the viewer, but this guy is a fucking twit and anybody that buys this “art” is a fucking twit too.
marro86 (2 weeks ago)
It’s a bit dificult to define art, don’t ya think ?……….art is idea+concept+feelings, in a general way, if it makes you mad, or scared,like the guy down me, then the work is done………..Hirst is just about feelings and perception, and that’s what matters……in my opinion, you can’t say what’s art, what’s not, and how should it be done
ElasticPlayer (4 months ago)
Don’t know why it scares me so much.
mjneale (8 months ago)
f**king brilliant…Beckett forever
zeragaimperium (11 months ago)
the credits were longer than the clip!
a46152417 (11 months ago)
yeah !! i think so ~!! haha~~!


Filed under Could it be art?, Could it be nothing at all?

4 responses to “Your last breath -by morfeas9

  1. I judge everything on a three-point scale:


    It had potential to be described as art(by moi) if this was only the beginning of something else. Since this is all there is, it fits quite easily in the ‘Crap’ section.

    More, More!

  2. Ise axortagos re… more tze more:P siga siga!

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  4. Yes! Finally something about sdfsdfsdfsdfsdf.

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