Compare & Contrast -by morfeas9

Inspired by The Passenger: 

Sir John Everett Millais – Ophelia


The painting depicts Ophelia, a character from Shakespeare‘s play Hamlet, singing while floating in a river just before she drowns. Ophelia’s pose -her open arms and upwards gaze- resembles traditional portrayals of saints or martyrs, but has also been interpreted as erotic. Ophelia is known for its depiction of the detailed flora of the river and the riverbank, stressing the patterns of growth and decay in a natural ecosystem. The flowers shown floating on the river were chosen to correspond with Shakespeare’s description of Ophelia’s garland, however they also reflect the Victorian interest in the “language of flowers“, according to which each flower carries a symbolic meaning. The prominent red poppy -not mentioned by Shakespeare’s description of the scene- represents sleep and death.


Nick Cave feat. Kylie Minogue – Where the wild roses grow




Australian artist Nick Cave had been interested in working with Minogue since hearing Better the Devil You Know, saying it contained “one of pop music’s most violent and distressing lyrics” and “when Kylie Minogue sings these words, there is an innocence”. Where the Wild Roses Grow (1995), was a brooding ballad whose lyrics narrated a murder from the points of view of both the murderer (Cave), and his victim (Minogue), and its success demonstrated that Minogue could be accepted outside of her established genre as a pop artist. It received widespread attention in Europe, where it reached the top 10 in several countries, and acclaim in Australia where it reached number two, and won ARIA Awards for “Song of the Year” and “Best Pop Release”.



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9 responses to “Compare & Contrast -by morfeas9

  1. Μαριλένα

    All beauty must die…

  2. The entire album is about murderers and their victims. It is appropriately called ‘Murder Ballads”. Try listening to “Ballad of Henry Lee” as well.

  3. I’ll try to find the album. En polla intersting na thoris intersections of different art “categories” an mporis na pis oti iparxi etsi prama…

    Marilena: Na dis to Perfume: The story of a murderer. Tzame na dis ti simeni conservation:P

  4. Μαριλένα

    Oh i’ve seen it, i’ve seen it 😛
    haven’t read the book though

  5. En polla kali tenia ennen? I fasi pu ton tron omos zontano en lion asxeti:P

  6. I don’t personally care about this movie but for the record, you ought to avoid putting spoilers – or at least put some warnings – in your comments as some people might become upset.

  7. Heh… sorry en to katalavo pos oti grafo thkievazun to polloi:)

  8. Μαριλένα

    Μπορεί να το θκιαβάζουν αλλα να μεν αφήνουν σχολια so
    SPOILERS (Read at your own risk!)

    Όπως το βλέπω εγώ εφαν τον που “αγάπη”. Για τζίνους ήταν θεός και για αυτό τον λόγο εθέλαν να αποκτήσουν κομμάτι του, το οποίο εννα τους έδινε λίη που τη δύναμη(μυρωθκιά) του τζαι έτσι χωρίς την παραμικρή λογική ακολουθήσαν τις ορμές τους τζαι εφάν τον!
    Αμαν θκιαβάσω τζαι το βιβλιό, που εν να πιο κατονοητό μάλλον, επειδή η ταινία απογοήτευσε γενικά, μπορεί να φκάλω ένα πιο ολοκληρωμένο συμπέρασμα για την τελευταία σκηνή..

  9. Simfono… sto vivlio mpori na to diatiponi pio orea alla itan lio parakseni i skini stin tenia!

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