Some of them want 2use U, some of them want 2get used by U -by morfeas9

Political parties have been busy for some time preparing for the huge number of Cypriot students who are flocking to the island to vote. Phone calls from the various student political organisations began as early as last summer, with one student claiming that she began receiving calls from party organisations about the elections since September.” I remember someone calling me claiming they were from the AKEL youth as soon as I came to England in September and asking me if I would be interested in coming back to Cyprus to vote in the elections, which at the time I thought was ridiculously early. Ever since then, most of us students have been constantly bombarded with phone calls.”

The AKEL and DISY youth are offering to fly students back from the UK for around £80, one third of the price of a full ticket, while the DIKO campaigners are offering to cover the full cost of the airfare. With this in mind, how many students are in fact going back with voting as their main priority?

“Personally, I am going back for four days because I really want to vote, but to be honest, most of my friends have no interest in politics at all and are simply using this opportunity to see their boyfriends who are still in the army in Cyprus. This is sad, but if you think about the situation, it is unavoidable in many respects.”

“I am not saying they will not vote – they will most probably do so – but most of them don’t really have a clue and will end up voting for the candidate that their parents are endorsing and are just happy to get a few days of cheap or free holidays.” ertertergtrey4545t45t54t645t654t455ty45t45t45t45t45t54t5t54t45tfg54g45455g45g5gg54g5dfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdf

“I will be going back for both weekends of the vote, mainly to see some people close to me that I have not seen for some time. But believe me, I am among the majority who thinks in this way.”

“It is simple if you think about it. They need us and we need them. To be honest I did not want my name to go down in the records of a party organisation, but it is the price I have to pay if I want to go back. We are using them and they are also using us for their own interests.”

Another student studying in London, who wished to remain anonymous, admitted that he was not even planning to vote, despite going back for more than a week. “I will be going back without paying a single cent for 10 days as my university has a week break at the time and it would be nice to go back to Cyprus. In the end I will probably abstain from voting as I do not know enough to make an informed choice and I definitely do not feel that any candidate represents me in the slightest.”      ttrhtrhthhtyh5thtrhtrghtrgrgtrgrehgtrhyhjythhyhythtrhtrghtrghtgethyhyttyjyjujujujrjtyjytyjtyjtyjtyjytjyjtjyytjytjtyyjtyjytjtyjytjtyjyjyjjjyjyjyjytjytjyjyjjjjj
While one cannot blame political parties for trying to use a situation like this to their advantage, especially in an election race that – if opinion polls are anything to go by – will be extremely tight and where every vote is vital, the whole system of flying voters back is estimated to cost around seven to eight million euros in total.


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Emis fteme or they?



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3 responses to “Some of them want 2use U, some of them want 2get used by U -by morfeas9

  1. hahahahaahahaha

    [prospa8o na men pe8ano pou asfi3ia pou to gelio]


    NaSty Rawksss.

    Enomiza pos 8a imoun i Angie Korgiala gamoto!!! To Angela Ioannou en mou paei…. [ps eshei 2-3 ar8ra me to idio 8ema sti Cy Mail…de ta je ta 2].


  2. Passenger en gia ti dixotomisi pu milas? Astiefko…

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