Section VII, Of the Sublime part2 -by morfeas9

“The life which is imposed on us is too oppressive for us, it brings too many pains, disappointments, insoluble tasks. In order to bear it we cannot do without means of relief.… There are perhaps three types of these: powerful distractions, which make our misery seem less pressing, substitute satisfactions, which reduce it, and drugs, which make us insensitive to it. Things of this nature are indispensable.”

Civilization and Its Discontents – Sigmund Freud (1929: 73)



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23 responses to “Section VII, Of the Sublime part2 -by morfeas9

  1. You don’t chose anything, you rise above that.

  2. Irrelevant but then, what isn’t?

    I’d like to think that you people might appreciate it.

  3. Μαριλένα

    Passenger’s got a point. I choose not to choose..

  4. …choose your future
    …choose life.

  5. You have no choice but to choose!

  6. What is it we are talking about again?

  7. Do we have a choice or are we the chosen ones?

  8. Μαριλένα

    Maybe we were chosen by the Force!

  9. I’m bailing out of this post.


  10. Otan arxizun ta diskola egkatalipis?

  11. I don’t see anything hard about it to be honest.

  12. Ne… eshis apopsi!:p

    Asxeto… Eskeftikes potte na ginis ithopios or politikos?

  13. Ηθοποιός όι γιατί μόνο για μονόλογους κάμνω.

    Πολιτικός όι αλλά πελλός δικτάτορας ναι. Εν πολλά πιο ευχάριστο το δεύτερο που το πρώτο.

  14. And there’s another thing. I’m a really bad liar which would make being an actor quite hard.

  15. And a bad politian as well right?:)

  16. Yeah, which is why I prefer dictatorship. You can say and do whatever the fuck you like without any consequences. Well, so long as you are the dictator and not someone else in which case you will be executed in the most horrible way possible.

  17. Nice.. enna to xo ipopsi mu. An valis ipopsifiotita next ekloges en tha se psifiso!:P

    Exumen kanena idolo? Hitler? Castro?

  18. The Patrician from the Discworld novels

  19. “The Patrician was not a man you shook a finger at unless you wanted to end up being able to count only to nine.

    The man had eyes everywhere, none of them so terrifying as the icy blue ones just above his nose.”

    Lord Vetinari:
    A Collection of Quotations

  20. The Patrician believed in the One Man, One Vote system. He was the man, and his was the vote.

    -From my memory.

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