Surprise Surprise! -by morfeas9

Dancers from Thriller LIVE perform Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance in front of unsuspecting members of the public to celebrate 25th year anniversary of Thriller. The biggest selling album of all time went underground when London commuters were taken by storm with a performance of the famous Thriller Dance on the London district line tube.

The video has been picked up across the world with the Metro paper running a huge feature together with TV coverage on ITV London Tonight. This has clearly captured the imagination of the London commuters with a serious debate across blogs, websites and YouTube about this dance extravaganza.

The dance was performed by professional dancers from Thriller LIVE which is a full budget mega-show celebrating the music of the World’s Greatest Entertainer. Kicking off its UK tour on March 27th, 2008 the dance crew got together with Sony BMG to plan the 25th anniversary of the release of Thriller and thought it would be fun to perform the Thriller dance in various locations around London.

The first “tube” video has been hugely popular…where might they appear next?

Pelle mou… genika oi UK citizens asxolunte polla me to thema tu tube. Panta stis efimerides eshi arthra pu kamnun compare to London Public Transport me tzino of Liverpool for example, always highlighting the fact that London holds the prize for its alienated and unfriendly nature. Iparxun ke those who claim oti en tha mporusan na arkepsun conversation or smile at someone in the tube, because their travelling time is a period of resting and self-concentration. Ne ok… Interesting performance to sigkekrimeno! It should happen more often.


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