Money, money, money. Part2 -by morfeas9

Why Do Intellectuals Oppose Capitalism?  
Guille “The Thinker”, 01-21-2006, 12:10 PM:
“If there is something that is clear is that a very high percentage of the intellectuals now and before oppose capitalism. In fact, intellectuals have fame of being agianst the order, the power, any time in history. It is very hard to determine why this is. Although one can think of several reasons, these never show a total explanation.There is a paper written by Robert Nozick that has the same title as this thread. It was comming along his article that has taken me to start this thread. Here I give the link to it: Note though, that the article is only an extract of the whole essay. I searched for the whole essay but it is not on the net, although it has been published.Why do you think that intellectuals oppose capitalism? Or, in general, they oppose the power? Do you agree with what Nozick says?

I really think it is an amussing subject and that it gives a lot to think about. I oppose capitalism myself, but I have my reasons…”

Extract from Robert Nozick:

“A capitalist society is peculiar in that it seems to announce that it is open and responsive only to talent, individual initiative, personal merit. Growing up in an inherited caste or feudal society creates no expectation that reward will or should be in accordance with personal value. Despite the created expectation, a capitalist society rewards people only insofar as they serve the market-expressed desires of others; it rewards in accordance with economic contribution, not in accordance with personal value.”



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20 responses to “Money, money, money. Part2 -by morfeas9

  1. Bullshit.

    I’m an intellectual and I don’t oppose capitalism


  2. Heh… I didnt say that I support this! It’s one of the things that we attribute to the artistic stereotype. Aspumen all artists are a bit paranoid and anti-capitalists!

  3. You should be. Chicks dig that. Then again chicks dig money too. So the moral is, either become an artist filthy rich.

  4. An artist OR filthy rich. Although being both wouldn’t be bad I guess.

  5. I would luv to be an artist and get lots of money from it. En thoro tpt kako puto na fkalis money out of art parolo pu eshi taxa a higher moral purpose. But en prepi na mpis sto game of producing art by following commercial outlines!

    Yeah chicks do like it otan tus lalo kamno fine art… lalis na gino EMO?

  6. Sure why not. Then when this look goes out of fashion you will watch your pictures and either laugh or cry depending on how your life will be by then.

  7. No regrets re.. Ulla fkenun se kalo.

    Just trying to keep my aisiodoksia up:P

  8. Μαριλένα

    Not all intellectuals oppose capitalism. But capitalism is a doctrine that serves only a specific amount of people therefore I understand why some people, especially ones who comprehend capitalism, want to express their concerns about that. As for the power I presume that you mean the government. Well, imagine living in a world where the actions of the governments are not questioned or opposed anymore.

  9. Μαριλένα

    Ππεεε!!! Που την ώρα που άρχισα να γράφω εν είχε όυτε 1 σχολιο τζαι τωρα θωρώ 7!!

  10. Ennen ego pu ta egrapsa tzina re..:P ennen ksekatharo?

    Well, aplos en polla interesting na thoris ta notions pu kamnun always assign to the artistic identity. Etsi to thoro ego!

  11. Μαριλένα

    Why do you think that intellectuals oppose capitalism? Or, in general, they oppose the power? Do you agree with what Nozick says?

    Εννεν δικό σου τούτο το ερώτημα?
    Anw, το να φκάλλεις χρήματα που την τέχνη σου εννεν “κακό”, αλλα μαλακία είναι να κάμνεις “τέχνη” αποκλειστικά για να φκάλλεις χρήματα. Κατα την άποψη μου η τέχνη εν υπεράνω των χρημάτων αλλα χωρίς χρήματα εν επιβιώνεις. Γι’αυτό καταλαμβαίνω τους καλλιτέχνες που ένα έργο τους μπορεί να στοιχίζει £5000 αλλά που την άλλη εν μπορώ τζαι να μεν το θεωρώ εξευτελιστικό, για την τέχνη, το ότι η αξία του έργου τους δίνεται με χρήματα

  12. En lepti i grammi tu money value and artistic morals…

    Oi ennen ego pu ta grapsa! En enas allos blogger!!:P

    Aplos vrisko to endiaferon theoria…

  13. I am a filthy rich artist. No, I am a rich filthy artist. No I am a rich artist’s filth.

    Ok – who is going to pay now? Hm, marilena?

  14. Μαριλένα

    The filthy consumer

  15. Μαριλένα

    Τζαι οι αγοραστές/συλλέκτες εν επίσης κάτι που με προβληματίζει. Το έργο ενος καλλιτέχνη πρέπει να βρίσκεται φυλάμενο μες την έπαυλη ένος πάμπλουτου συλλέκτη που εννα το δείχνει μονο σε όποιον θέλει, δλδ η τέχνη εν αποκλειστικά ιδιωτική υπόθεση τζαι μόνο για τους προνομιούχους;;;

  16. “Q: Could you please point me in the direction of both nationwide and international statistics on the art market? Are there any industry standard market research reports and/or organizations? The more detail, the better. I am looking for data on buyer demographics; original versus reproduction sales; the numbers of galleries, brokers, and auction houses; and so on.

    A: A surprising number of people search for answers to these and similar questions in attempts to quantify the art market. The art market, however, is not quantifiable, and the answers to these questions don’t exist. To begin with, art is not a commodity that can be regulated. Anyone can call him or herself an artist, anyone can call anything that they create “art,” and anyone can be an art dealer. Anyone can sell art wherever, whenever and under whatever circumstances they please, and price or sell whatever they call “art” for whatever amounts of money they feel like selling it for, as long as that art is offered without fraud or misrepresentation.”

  17. Hm – not sure morfeas. There is the art ‘by all’, ok, but there is also the art market which is very, very quantifiable. It flexes, that’s why it’s very attractive as an investment, it is extremely prone to surplus value and it sustains organizations and business alike – from strictly art based to Deutche Bank via tax cuts. So it is quantifiable as a commodity market. It is like saying because I make zivania and sell it privately, I am not in the business of selling alcohol.
    And as we know every survey includes a margin of error in its results – there to cover this ‘private’ ‘extra-market’ acts.

    Marilena, you almost had me with the consumer thing. I parapanw tehni en exw, se demosious hwrous, jai polles fores gia miden lefta.
    Closures yparhoun – jai en poushkia gia mas merikes fores alla canning ventures – alla pe mou ti theleis na deis jai en mporeis na to deis epeidi en se vault na kanonisoume an mporoume na to deis.

  18. The Guardian:

    “Anthony d’Offay’s philanthropy was praised by representatives of the Art sector and ministers alike. Linda Fabiani MSP, Minister for Europe, External Affairs and Culture called it, ‘a once in a generation visionary event.’ Although he will receive the £26.5 million he originally paid for the collection, Mr d’Offay will make no profit, equating to a donation worth nearly £100 million. Director of Tate, Nicholas Serota said: ‘a gift of this magnitude will completely transform the opportunity to experience contemporary art in the UK. Anthony d’Offay’s imaginative generosity establishes a new dynamic for national collections and is without precedent anywhere in the world.”

    Problematics…. by the way oti grafo en simeno oti ipostirizo to. En aplos diafores apopsis!:)

  19. Μαριλένα

    Το καλο εν ότι οι συλλογές των περισσότερων συλλεκτών εν ανοιχτές για τον κόσμο.
    Ατε αφου έχεις τα μέσα κανόνισμου να δω ούλλη τη συλλογή του Frank Cohen γιατι που ξέρω γω ότι εννα τη βάλει ούλλη στο μουσείο του που εννα ανοίξει σε λλιους μήνες

  20. Don’t be such a doubter! Toulahiston o FC anoiei mouseio – o S.A.C. (i o N.P., to bring it home) pou ta hwnoun? Fight the power.

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