Jumped, urinated, banned, added -by morfeas9

In spring 2000, Yuan Chai and Jian Jun Xi, two performance artists, who in 1999 had jumped on Tracey Emin’s installation-sculpture ‘My Bed’ in the Turner Prize exhibition at Tate Britain, went to the newly-opened Tate Modern and urinated on the ‘Fountain’ on display there. However, they were prevented from soiling the sculpture directly by its Perspex case. The Tate, which denied that the duo had succeeded in urinating into the sculpture itself, banned them from the premises, stating that they were threatening “works of art and our staff”. When asked why they felt they had to “add” to Duchamp’s work, Chai said: “The urinal is there – it’s an invitation. As Duchamp said himself, it’s the artist’s choice. He chooses what is art. We just added to it.”



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2 responses to “Jumped, urinated, banned, added -by morfeas9

  1. Μαριλένα

    Έχουν δίκαιο, ο ίδιος ο Duchamp είπε το τζαι τούτοι επροσπαθήσαν να το κάμουν πράξη. Εν αμφιβάλλω ότι αν εζούσε ήταν να τους δώκει συγχαρητήρια.
    Ξέρεις τι εδήλωσε η Emin;

  2. Nop… nato psakso omos! En polla endiaferon pos ta connotations pu sindeunte me to gallery space, performativity of space, liminality, emotional purification ke etc have an effect on such objects. Etsi iterventions like this one theorunte oske criminal actions.

    Imun stin ekthesi tu Anthrony McCall, tzinu me ta light installations (we have posts bout him kapu prin). Epia ke ekatsa mprosta pu to projector ke aftomatos akirosa kata kapio tropo ullin tin ekthesi! En tha to ektimusen o McCall? Pantos o supervisor en to ektimise katholu:P

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