Why won’t it flourish back home? -by morfeas9

A: E na mpu lali to Liverpool? Aresen su?

B: Ne re en orea polla alla ta misa ktiria esazan ta akoma giati to Liverpool en to Cultural Capital gia to 2008.

A: Persi itan i Patra ennen?

B: Ne re, nomizo!

C: Diladi mpori na gini tze i Lakatamia pu tunto Cultural Capital ennen?

Distixos, to sxolio apo to prosopo C ixen gini me apoliti sovarotita, xoris ixnos sarkasmu!


What is the state of the cultural and artistic scene back in Cyprus?



Filed under Could it be art?, Could it be nothing at all?

10 responses to “Why won’t it flourish back home? -by morfeas9

  1. Ela sou po, i geitonissa eshei apolito dikaio!
    I Lakatamia exei kai amfi8eatro, exei kai grammiko parko, exei sxoleia (mono panepistimio mas lipei)…tosoi kai tosoi a3iologoi kallitexnes genni8ika stin Lakatamia (i.e. kiklofora videaki sto foukou.blogspot.com me ena proin tou sxoleiou mas lakatamiti).

  2. Let’s just migrate then!

    We can’t form an answer, but can we at least try and form this question?

  3. Or migraine.
    Because what else is a question than a throb? Not resolved with it spatiotemporal ejection.

    Il y a va d’un certain pas.

  4. “The event happens as a question mark before the happening as a question. ‘It happens’ is rather in the first place, ‘is it happening’, is this it, is it possible?”

    “The enigma of the ‘is this happening?’ is not dissolved for all this, nor is the task of painting, that there is something which is not determinable, the ‘There is’ (Il y a) itself, out of date.”

    Jean-Francois Lyotard
    The Sublime and the Avant-Garde

    Has the or any event happened back there already, or should we still be waiting?

  5. “The proposals of contemporary art are to be constructed not on the basis of ay immovable reference, but under the obligation to posit for every step both its goal and its grounding. (…) The present-day artistic universe is perceived from experiences that are produced at discrete points, diverse, heterogeneous to the highest degree, and consequently our approximation to the aesthetic is produced in a weak, fragmentary, peripheral, fashion, denying at every turn the possibility that it might ultimately be transformed definitely into a central experience. (…) It is only from this peripheral position that the aesthetic continues to exercise its seductive influence, its power to unveil, its capacity to imply rather than to constitute the intense apprehension of reality.”

    Ignasi de Sola-Morales, ‘Weak Architecture’ (1987), IN Differences: Topographies of Contemporary Architecture (trans. Graham Thompson), MIT Press, 1996

  6. What I am reading between the lines is that we only perceive beauty because we are not evolved enough.

    Could be wrong of course.

  7. Regarding your question I think the state is more or less what one would expect it to be given the geography and history of the place as well as the current state of affairs in the world.

  8. So if we find the right excuses then we will just have to affirmatively nod?

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