Interior Design -by morfeas9 & maria t.

morfeas9: I am coming.

maria t.: What the hell? What do you mean mate?

I said i’m coming back. I couldn’t bear the next affinity.


I mean chemical affinity. You know… formulae and equations and all that left-overs.

Equations? I hate maths… physics or whatever that is… did you see any dreams last night?

No, I just saw a film. Dark one. I am not talking about lecture notes. It’s attraction, species of the unsolvable.

Just stay alone then.

Just go open up a dictionary!

I hate you.

Nobody likes simple words put together, but what does a philosphical mountain exist for?

Never run at the rested mountain.

What happened to your naked hatred? Have I affected your particles?

My molecules belong to me.

I see that you have opened that dicitonary after all. Do you have your identity card with you?

It was stolen by that guy. Remember?

You gave it away. That’s just a membrane.

Oh i choose to hate you again. And stop it with that fucking dictionary of yours.

Is that pillow not comfortable for you?

You are just jealous. Well yeah, I do need my pillow. At least I admit it.

I am sorry but i want to reach point B with my head wrapped in olive branches.

Should we put a picture in?

I think the image is already there, he is laughing at us!

You never cared about that. What? Come on! Lets put something.

For some degrees of that angle I do not. But still I am only a statistical mistake. An ommission.

I don’t like the black on the wall.

Well, I do not like the wall itself.

Ok. So what now? Should we add a second wall to hide that one?

I am calling the company. I search for affinity.

I will search for a new color for that awful wall.

You are bound to fail but the process is an economic tangent. I leave to join them. I was back.

My soul is following that room. Did you see?

Do people still use that word? A poem for a dog.

Love. Does that bother you even more?

It does, but I choose not to label my jars.

Then stop wearing that t-shirt.

I left.

I think i will paint the wall white.


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