About a now -by morfeas9

I read words, put together in order to make sense out of a noise’s colour. Mine does not stop here, yet it shifts in other forms. What drives me to absorb their waste changes in shape. I will not end at my limits. I will encounter you again in a now. I alarm you that what follows could be false.




Filed under Could it be nothing at all?

13 responses to “About a now -by morfeas9

  1. silence is for cowards – RoAm

  2. screaming is for cowards as well…

  3. well if you are screaming gibberish.

  4. don’t you think that silence can be stronger than a noise?

  5. although silence is a noise…

  6. pale en na paranoisoume re morfea 😛
    (ps pou exa8ikes….me lipei afantasta i apousia sou, epe4a sou msgs, emails kai si me foni me akroasi…)

  7. So whatever you are silent Roam it means that you are cowering?

  8. Whenever, God damnit, Whenever!

  9. There is no such thing as silence, if by that one means (the) absence, even.

  10. @ The Passenger : it would seem that you have nothing to say. Of course though, you can take time and think. That’s when silence is ok…
    If you have thought of something, and you just don’t know how it will sound and you silence, then yes you are a coward.

    Got my p0int?

  11. The happening in between and not the actual happening, if we may wanna call it a moment of pause or silence, could be the most important fraction of an experience.

  12. Of course cowards may talk all the time just to save their ass. Turns out, it’s really hard to find out if someone is really a coward or not.

  13. Its not about being a coward… it has to do with taking chances, balancing risk-taking and logical thinking.

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