march 12-16 08 fall/ athens. -by maria t.


zappeio. hall a.

it was not about the fabric, put together in some way anymore. nor about the stones, precious or not in different colors and order and form.

now, the lights. more blue coming down in the center of the long long long rectangular stage. yes. it is a stage after all.

a bit of leni riefenstahl, bauhaus. baroque, it seems as well, for some reason.  oh the air is different here. how they’ve made it, i don’t know.

the silhouette, hair, bigger than us. bigger…just like the slimy but so attractive technique of rising one’s body above ground….yes, and the face. who said it should be colored all the same, in thickness, sound, feel and era?

it was not a show…it was a sudden breath. 16 times. the music composed. a performance. 16 times. it is over. and now applause.

filep motwary, maria mastori.



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8 responses to “march 12-16 08 fall/ athens. -by maria t.

  1. Μαριλένα

    Sounds like an amazing experience, the photo’s great… is the design yours??
    Riefenstahl, bauhaus.. oh the aesthetics of Modernism..! I wish I were there.

  2. it was an amazing experience indeed!
    the photo is mine, but the design is by filep motwary and maria mastori whom i looove!
    have a look at his blog..!the address is on the right.

  3. It’s art but I wouldn’t want to see people in the street wearing it. Reminds me of Japanese theatre actors. A futuristic Kabuki maybe.

  4. Which would be awesome, especially if they have all sorts of fancy effects and stuff.

  5. @passenger:
    haha!you really got into this!you should look at this:
    regarding your idea about the fancy effects and the futuristic stuff…the designer in the video is called hussein chalayan.

  6. heh… maria i thought of orlan for a second there! imagine where the pink shade is na ishen tze ena eksogkoma on the head. ti les?:P

  7. Heh, I’ve watched that in the past. I like the last dress best 😉

    Seriously now, this is indeed the future although of course you need more flexibility and variety. Soon!

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