warum… -by maria t. and julie.


i think i might suffer from insomnia. i hope that my friends and family will support me in this difficulty. but for now i will probably use it for some creative writing.


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6 responses to “warum… -by maria t. and julie.

  1. eshei jero pou sou lalo pos esheis provlima…alla esi en je pistefkeis me.

  2. How many hours a day do you sleep?

  3. well…it’s different every time…
    sometimes none…and sometimes maybe four or six hours…
    when i don’t sleep at all during night though, i tend to go to sleep when the sun comes out, and wake up around noon.

  4. Doesn’t seem too worrying. Your biological clock probably needs some adjustment that’s all.

  5. men anisixeis tpt………. pou tin imera pou irta kipro, koimoume i wra 6-7-8 ke xipnw 4-5-6 ……….. enne akrivws insomnia, mporeis na to peis ke gaouromnia :p

  6. =p
    hmm…what a coincidence,! my mother suggested that i might have this disorder(gaouromnia) as well.

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