place, number of undercover agents, the mission. soon in cyprus. -by maria t.

“Improv Everywhere causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places. Created in August of 2001 by Charlie Todd, Improv Everywhere has executed over 70 missions involving thousands of undercover agents…”

preeeettty funny ey?!!!

the “improv everywhere” group has several mission highlights. one of them is the “frozen grand central”, where a group of agents froze in place for 5 mins.

now, some people in nicosia borrowed the idea of “freeze” from the “improv everywhere” group and they are organizing a similar event:

the event will take place at the date of the opening of ledra street.

“The event is a silent comment on the frozen space and time in Ledra Street and Cyprus for the past few decades.
This is a passive action and not a provocation.
It is a celebration of the newfound mobility in this particular space and a hope for a greater mobility in the future.” (freeze in ledras, goals/concept).



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6 responses to “place, number of undercover agents, the mission. soon in cyprus. -by maria t.

  1. i geitonissa :P

    this is weird!!:P
    ”hehe ”;p polla wreo!

  2. lalis na pamende je emis sto “da maaalll” na kamumen kanena skedio?!!!

    fandastu…(ndimenes servitores, ke tragudondas musical style)
    “eppesen tooo souvlaaaaakiii!!!xriazume mandiliaaa!!!!mia mandiliaaaaa!!!mia mandiliaaaa zitwww, gia na ka8aristwwww!!!!”


  3. Chaos and Joy? Oh come on, who do these people think they are, God? Overrateeeeeed!

    Love your lyrics though. Souvlaki….slourp!


  4. i geitonissa :P

    exeis dikeo passenger:P … wrea ta lyrics su maria t.!!! dimenes servitores.!! na ntithw ke servitora:P. oso gia tragudi na tragudas esi stin thesi mu, oksa na valume tin alli pu ekamne k fonitika pu itan mitsia:P

  5. haha!thnx passenger!you can join geitonissa and i on the cypriot version of the musical if you’d like!

    oh, and i don’t think that they’re trying to play god…they’re just having fun, really!

    but, the cypriot “freeze” team is taking the ledras event on a different level(more “serious”?).

  6. Ledras, Ledras, Ledras aaaaaargh!


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