Ecographies -by morfeas9

“Our homes have always existed in the shadow of ‘the other’ and inviting guests has always carried the threat of usurpation. It could be argued that today we are witnessing a new expropriation of our home by ‘teletechnologies’, whose intrusion seriously endangers our ability to feel ‘at home’ in the world. Television, for example, introduces the outside world into our homes at every instant. Our lives are more isolated, more privatized than ever, even as our homes are permanently intruded, at our own choosing, by strangers, by faraway things, by other languages. The feeling of being ‘at home’ is in danger of being eroded forever, as is the distinction between public and private space.

Be warned, technology can give rise to a form of return to oneself and one’s home which we call ‘little nationalism’ whose potential endangers all our societies.”

Please close this window and unplug your internet connector immediately. This is for your own safety.



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13 responses to “Ecographies -by morfeas9

  1. Μαριλένα

    public and private space??
    more of a privet publicness or a public privacy
    the Other is constantly with you

  2. Μαριλένα

    constantly with me

  3. I don’t see sense in what the writer is saying – you can switch off TV after all, it’s not like anyone is tying you up in a chair and forces you to watch it. Nor can I relate with this “little nationalism” concept.

    The concept of intrusion only resonates with me in the context of futurism, where it is possible that at some stage all devices in our homes will be controlled by a computer or A.I., much as was the case with HAL in Kubrick’s film.

  4. I wouldnt agree with u passenger… i dont think that these teletechnologies can be stopped from having an effect by simply being switched off!

    “Little nationalism” arises when we try to guard our private sphere from intruding forces… it does make sense.

  5. where did you get this from mate?
    i mean, who wrote it?

  6. I forgot the television on… I overslept! Then the intruding forces penetrated my brain and left this behind. I dont know!

  7. haha! ok,that will do!
    good stuff though!

  8. “The Echographies of Television”
    by Jacques Derrida and Bernard Stiegler

  9. Wait till you have robots in households. Then you’ll see the real issues with technology.

  10. Yup… maria m en polla interesting vivlio, but this aint a part of it! En ena kommati pu ena review tu.

  11. Oh i 4got.. maria this is ur answer:

    Ecography: a bimonthly scientific journal.
    Echography: sonography or medical ultrasonography.

    Got the point?:P

  12. The lesson here being that I should always check my Google results more thoroughly.

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