My precious grass -by morfeas9

Through eroticism, the human attempts to make himself equal with the gods. In Balkan folklore, men and women sought to preserve indestructible energies through the use of the erotic. They believed that erotic energy was something non-human that could only come from higher forces.
Various explicit acts were performed for a variety of purposes; to promote the growth of crops, to heal a sick child, to protect against evil spirits and so forth.

Marina Abramovic, Balkan Erotic Epic: Group of Men Copulating with the Earth, 2005

A thought: Eroticism banned from Christianity? Why? So many religions celebrate the importance of this human action. Why not? An individual can not be restricted into a grey box of obedience, through the denial of natural desires, as still contained within an ordered space. Why even try?

Great books written by hands of those within the light. Why?



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10 responses to “My precious grass -by morfeas9

  1. It is the theory that eroticism was banned from christianity due to the fatal (at those years) sexually transmitted diseases. This “holy abstinence” was a very good chance of surviving in the pre-condom era.
    It was also a way of distinction from the older, pagan religions. Not a very helpful distinction, if I may add.

  2. Even if there was a justifying reason… look at the consequences now. How can faith be promoted only through restrictions?

  3. By eroticism the writer seems to mean sex rather than any aesthetic. In a way sex is non-human. All urges are after all.

  4. A sensual self allowed to inhabit a sphere of desires, related to flesh or a spiritual level, diverting from a framework of ethics as predefined by a notion of what is logic.

    More than sex i think…

  5. What?

    Haha,naaah, kidding, I’m just too tired to think these through now.

  6. Passenger…? Ise kala re?:P

    I thought that potte en ligizis…!

  7. My reputation is in tatters, it seems

  8. Mayb ur just goin through a phase…:)

  9. I don’t think that faith can be promoted only through restrictions… This is why, even though I have faith -and I honestly don’t understant why I have faith-, i find that most of the things imposed by the church are plain and irrational nonsense!

  10. I believe that the one true miracle, is the power of faith…. yet im not suggesting faith towards a superior god-like existence. Faith in you, me, the others, feelings, expectations….

    Irrational den les tipota!! Dogmata ta opia den agkizun kan ti pragmatikin antrhopini ipostasi.

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