Traffic Jam -by morfeas9

j’ai aimé la manière qu’il tournerait et regarderait fixement moi tandis qu’il conduisait. nous pourrions être morts à ce jour, vraiment.
sur la route, tout en conduisant, il se tournerait vers moi et regarderait fixement fortement, tout à fait effrayant,
 tout à fait doux, tout à fait faible.
dans certains cas il juste a dû tirer plus de.
 il m’a dit que je souffre du nihilisme, et que je ne l’ai pas aimé.
It all sounds more romantic in French. How elegant, built my dream-like scenery upon such words. Our languages don’t match though. I have to decide firstly myself and post the comment that I should. Communicate.


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6 responses to “Traffic Jam -by morfeas9

  1. I’ll translate it and write something soon.

  2. you don’t need to translate!
    …the answer is closer that you think…
    search…think! and explore..!

  3. You know those cartoons (well, maybe they were before your time) when the villain who chased the bird or the rabbit or whatever it was run off a cliff and right before he plummeted to his doom his face turned to that of an ass, complete with a had that said doufous on it?

    In my defence, I figured out what I was reading before reading your comment.

  4. eftixws valli epanalipsis to rik..

    ….je ypotitlous.!

  5. Ιt does?

    I have to catch these shows one day, I love em.

  6. Heh… so what did u wanna write?

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