In between -by morfeas9

We speak a same language, that reveals a part of our set description or not, yet we still seem to have a distance of a thousand micrometers between our dualities.

Call it “The Babel Phenomenon”.



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12 responses to “In between -by morfeas9

  1. ate re morfeass!
    now leave my memories rest in peace…

  2. the happenings of a recent yesterday have become memories already?

  3. happenings become memories after the first second that follows them…

  4. a linear progression of time based on historical evidense? i dont think so maria… do we always inhabit the now?

  5. i can only afford to look at this through “a liner progression of time based on historical evidence”…
    is it me, or is it cold in here?

  6. u can try to do that but believe me it will never work… we always move between a now, a past and a present tense, as well as a fourth dimension of an interesection.

  7. For me the first second carries emotion. A bit like taking a straw and mixing a drink. The memory is born only when the mixture settles down.

  8. When does it die then?

  9. So you can’t know when its born as well!:)

  10. No, you can.

    After I’m dead ask me again and ifI still exist I will tell you if the memory is dead or not.

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