Babel Fish -by morfeas9

L’amour á la francaise let’s do it again,
Je perdu le secret, what is it?”
I’m crazy, seul á

“Je tu le manques, sans toi I can’t, et sous la pluie, I feel sorry.”
“Et le soleil est plus brulant que les oiseaux,et dans le ciel I miss you so.”

A souvenir a rendezvous, des fleurs, for you.”



Filed under Could it be art?, Could it be nothing at all?

6 responses to “Babel Fish -by morfeas9

  1. I am totally and utterly confused… But at least I can understand what you are saying… What you mean is outside my reach…

  2. Irrelevant, i know, but you have an invitation to a “game”.

  3. now let’s get personal…morfeas?

  4. Indeed maria mu!:P

    Agapiti mu vasilissa, it is within your reach. You must have felt like that once.

  5. I have felt like that in the past, but I havent felt like that for quite some time…

  6. Well, I congratulate you! I mean… letting yourself feel, or being bombarded unintentionally by a feeling, carries ups and downs. I am happy to enjoy periods of emotional adrania…

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