Bibliobibuli -by morfeas9

“There are people who read too much: bibliobibuli. I know some who are constantly drunk on books, as other men are drunk on whiskey or religion. They wander through this most diverting and stimulating of worlds in a haze, seeing nothing and hearing nothing.”

Minority Report: H.L. Mencken’s Notebooks (New York: Knopf, 1956)

“The first cup of wine belongs to thirst, the second to mirth, the third to pleasure, the fourth to madness. But on the other hand, the more often you drink the cup of the Muses and the purer it is, the nearer it approaches to health of mind. The first cup, that of the elementary teacher, frees us from ignorance; the second cup, that of the grammar teacher, instructs us in learning; the third cup, that of the rhetoric teacher, equips us with eloquence. Thus far and no further is drinking done by most people. But I have also drunk other cups at Athens: the imaginative cup of poetry, the clear cup of geometry, the sweet cup of music, the somewhat sour cup of dialectic, and now the cup of universal philosophy, inexhaustible and sweet as nectar.”

Cf. Apuleius

Today, I have drunk too much of words yet again. An expanding pleasure, an exhausting thirst. Do you ever sense an unending over-saturation, like me?



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13 responses to “Bibliobibuli -by morfeas9

  1. As a child, I read more litterature that an average adult would read in his life. It was my personal emergency exit.
    Now, as an adult, I find it difficult to get lost in a book. Things run faster and I have to constantly be on top of my game. But when I do, I get lost for hours. And I keep wanting more…

  2. Books… i have only finished reading one in my life!! It’s just that when following such a journey, i need a faster more visual pathway to keep my interest going. Impatient?

  3. na 8kevazis parami8akia me eikonulles re morfeas!

  4. I can absorb loads of info yet not from a passage longer than 10 pages:P

    Maria… t’akus? Vrikolakes…

  5. vrikoooolakesss!!!!vrikooolakes pandou!

  6. Mi kirie, stamatate! – Vrikolakes.
    Me troi i agonia. – Vrikolakes.
    Efige i Regina. – Vrikolakes.

  7. Perkei na en gia to theatro sto Thok pou milas twra re morfea.

  8. axx ne!to theatro sto thok…!itan mia toooso ypeeeroxi embiria!

  9. LOL! Hthela na pao, alla kati i kritiki mias filis m, kati ta sxolia sas dame, nmz oti an pao telika en na me piasei nevriko gelio, opote asto kalitera!

  10. Αντεξα πάνω στα 25 λεπτά πριν φύω. Το καλό της υπόθεσης ήταν ότι η είσοδος ήταν δωρεάν.

  11. I isodos itan dorean??? Ego empika dorean cuz exo ta mesa oi alloi eperiosan omos…

    Ekames lathos! To telos itan arketa kalo.. eprepe na pais sta teleftea 25.

    Korifea stigmi tis parastasis: to kokkino klonari pu emiaze me kragion pu ekame land sto pio asxeto simio. Itan i pio paralogi taxa ‘artistic’ k taxa ‘conceptual’ paremvasi.

  12. Οι ενε καμα λάθος αλλά εν θα το συζητήσουμε τωρά τούτο


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