Hoping to find an answer – by RoAm

I’ve had this questions for quite some time now…

Is Leonardo Da Vinci considered to be an artist or a scientist?

I never came across some of his scientific contributions so i doubt he actually did something for science.

Yes, he used cadavers for his anatomical drawings but that doesn’t make him a man who contributed to medicine.

He did draw Mona Lisa (although i cannot understand why it is such a ‘great’ painting) and all those other paintings.

Do you, artistic guys, consider him to be a painter-artist?



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5 responses to “Hoping to find an answer – by RoAm

  1. I believe it is more accurate to refer to Da Vinci as an engineer rather than a scientist. And why can’t someone be both an artist and something else?

  2. I wouldn’t call him a great artist or a great scientist (and The Passenger is right, he wasn’t exactly a scientist). I ‘d call him “a great man” with exceptionally good multi-tasking abilities.
    Not many men can do that… ;p

  3. KV

    Greatness in engineering or sciences (I would rather also agree on the first) has common origins with greatness in art: talent, passion, precision … Multi-talented I would say.

  4. @ Passenger: you are absolutely right! For both. He was an engineer (or at least has loads of engineer drawings).

    @Queen : Ουμανισμός. Εν νεν έτσι που μας το είπαν στο βιβλίο της ιστορίας της 2/3 γυμνασίου?

    @ KV: yes indeed he was multi talented. But artists are somewhat more “free” than scientists. There’s only right and wrong in science (and good approximations to make our life easier), but in art it really depends on the individual’s judgment.

  5. I would call him a true genius.

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