around. -by maria t.

went to the movies last was quite a sweet show i have to admit.

i couldn’t help noticing though, a covered piano on the stage…in front of the movie screen, at the far left. its shape would light up every time the screen got white, or any other clean color. when the movie was over, there was this guy sitting in front of me. everyone got up, to leave, and he was still sitting there smiling to himself. i liked that. the director would appreciate as well.



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10 responses to “around. -by maria t.

  1. That piano always draws my eye whenever I go there, even though I’ve seen it so many times. It just looks so out of place, as if it’s a clue to a riddle or a mystery. And it does leave in me a tinge of melancholy, I don’t know, I think I get that whenever I see a piano.

    Funny though, last night, for some bizare reason, it never registered in my mind, vision or otherwise. And I never realised that until I’ve read your post.I’m alarmed in a way, like having caught myself forgetting to do something really important.

  2. so it was the piano in the movie, this time, instead..

  3. marilena

    That piano gives a certain atmosphere to that place…
    but the weird thing is that i had to go to cinestudio a couple of times before i realised its existence!

    Heh you talk about the piano at cinestudio and you give a photo taken from a rooftop somewhere in london!

  4. the photo was taken during a visit of mine from a rooftop somewhere in dublin.
    the movie that i watched last night took place in that city, so yeah..i just remembered the place and some encounters.

  5. marilena

    you are talking about once then!!
    i wanted to see that film.

  6. Well if you are in Cyprus you can. It is still on.

  7. im downloading the soundtrack!
    the piano was the first thing i noticed in the room…i always look around πŸ˜›

  8. re, epia me toso kosmo jame, je kanenas en eksanaprosekse jindo piano!

    we could all be aliens(“all”, meaning the four of us), but coming from the same far away, and of course beautiful planet. the piano is a signal, a message from our mighty leader back home. our people are trying to communicate with us.

    (excuse me for the above, i was only having a break from studying.)


  9. Sure why not? I haven’t been feeling like I belong here for some time now.

  10. i did this test for fun with a friend of mine last summer..(or was it during the christmas break?)
    it’s suppose to tell you what you were in your previous life.
    the questions were about social behavior and things like that.

    my friend used to be an animal, i can’t remember which.
    now, about my outcome..?yeah…
    “i used to live in a different star system”..(what the hell??)
    that friend of mine is still making fun of me:)

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