muse: space dementia. -by maria t.



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6 responses to “muse: space dementia. -by maria t.

  1. i love that muse album. supersymmetry or smth…

  2. “origin of symmetry” nomizw?

  3. Finally, a Cypriot who likes Muse. God, I could cry


    Love’em, they remind me of the future.

    Hysteria, Super-Massive Black Hole and Bliss are in my favourites

  4. geia sou re maria. Jinon! As poumen egorasa to 8emas!!!

  5. well, you found two cypriots.!

    i liked your “they remind me of the future” by the way…

  6. Yeah see, there are some things, they may be sounds or paintings or films that generate in me a sense of coming from the future, but not the future that we are heading into. It is as if that future is already inside me, its culture and its cities, and these artefacts merely help me remember it.

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