More than/Nothing more -by morfeas9

I don’t devour chocolate as an indulgence. I’m deprived of simple human pleasures, so I use flavor that my decayed buds can’t grasp in order to spit out a growing pain. Sigmund Freud, please analyze this in return.

Sigmund (Picures of Chocolate), 1997, Victor Muniz

Chocolate syrup on paper. Nothing more.

A history of Bosco Chocolate Syrup ( more than a brand of chocolate syrup first produced in 1928. The company which produces it is based in New Jersey, and it is sold throughout the United States, Western Europe, Asia and the Middle East).


A tibute to Vik Muniz (  more than jars labelled as jelly, peanut butter, chaviar).





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14 responses to “More than/Nothing more -by morfeas9

  1. Of chocolate I’m aware
    of every jot and tittle
    But tell you this I dare
    of Muniz very little

    (Recited with an irish accent as per the Leprechaun horror movies. Oh and I’ve been wanting to use “tittle” for ages)

  2. I’m glad 2see the explanation under your poetic response! Keep up the drama:P

    Muniz is to chocolate, what Picasso is to acrylic.

  3. kavadias je pellares!
    oi stixoi sou me taksidepsan se topous pou ute o kavadias den kseri pws:p

  4. What, really?

    Well, chocolate would be a bit hard to find on the high seas, I’d imagine.


  5. Maria… r u sucking up to passenger??:P

  6. egwwww re?
    whyyy on earth would you ever say such thing?!

  7. I’m kidding re… u know its humour!

  8. but i was sucking up though re!
    gia na men paretisei..!

    get it?
    it was my wicked plan!

  9. Hm…. good tactic! Ok then.

    Passenger it was a superb piece of words beautifully combined into an astonishing mind-travelling experience.

    Kalo maria?

  10. Am I supposed to be reading this or not?

  11. Ne re its ok… aplos men paris pano su:P

  12. Nah, I meant your conversations.

  13. fuck morfeas!
    he can read this as well?
    daa shaame!

  14. It’s ok… we can share some private info!

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