Aku… -by morfeas9

Tip of the day:

Muni stands for Mountain Unicycling. It’s also known as Rough Terrain Unicycling, All Terrain Unicycling, or even UMX. Like mountain biking, you don’t need a mountain to do it. It’s just the act of riding unicycles off road.

Etsi ores thimume tin daskala ton ellinikon mu: “Den iparxun vromikes leksis, mono vromika miala” M.Z.


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8 responses to “Aku… -by morfeas9

  1. Re eipa sou pou eida tin kiria M.Z. me ton kirio G.H. me to moraki tous? Oloaspro to moroui!
    Je eshei mallia!!!!
    Fisika edokan mou je kartoua pou en na 8elo na goraso spiti hahha

  2. ampa ke xasi o G.H. pu to na fkali tziallo profit!!!!!

  3. men masheste sior!
    kani koutsombolia!
    na vre8i je kanenas pu kseri tus a8rwpous!

  4. Now, I could write something on that but I’m in a low down bummer these days so I won’t.

  5. Heh… aren’t u usually provoked to respond in sexually charged narratives?:P

  6. vromika myala eh?
    h vromikes protheseis.. 🙂

  7. No, I was going to write something about unicycles.


  8. Passenger i’m sure of that! No doubt!:P

    Andreas, both work!

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