morfeas9: Passenger…have you already passed by?

maria t.: Passenger…I thought you would say something before…



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22 responses to “R.I.P.

  1. Μαριλένα

    indeed not even a word…

  2. i wonder what happened..

  3. Valte sior to Passenger tou Iggy Pop mes to music box mas, perki sigkini8ei!

    (en to exo)

  4. I.T.A.N. orees i sinomilies mas…:P

  5. morfea pareta mas!
    to “I.T.A.N.” na men to vallis mes’to stoma su a!


  6. Your concern has touched me.

    I’m awful at goodbyes which is why I didn’t say anything.

    I am empty. There is nothing more to write in the blog which I have not already written before. I’ve been feeling like this for quite a while now. And I’m tired of everything – I am straining not to use expletitives to give a more accurate description of my mental state.

    The blog is not deleted. It is buried. Perhaps some voodoo witch will come by one full moon night and raise it from the dead.

    I wasn’t planning on spending any more time reading blogs or have anything to do with blogging in general. But, as it happens, I like your blog too much to do that. It has humour, it has culture and it has freshness.

    So I’ll be dropping by and write a comment or two.

  7. Also, send your WordPress usernames over, so that I can pass them to the voodoo witch in case the blog goes zombie.

  8. @ Passenger: dear passenger we are happy you are alive and well. We shall miss you. Your words were not a repetition for us.
    user name: roam365

  9. evroskavst to username…

    Passenger mu i do believe oti when u have nothing to write about its better not to write anythin at all just for the sake of blogging. Kapote omos isos i ‘anagki’ mpori na erthi ksana.. ironic to oti it was buried on anastasi! Thx gia ta kala su logia… U r always welcome here.

  10. Better than being buried on Good Friday. I can’t stand cliches.

    And what the hell is I.T.A.N. ?

  11. well, i really don’t want you, or the blog or whatever to go away..!

    i mean…being empty as you say, could somehow be translated verbally…it could look like something quite desperate and sweet..maybe.

    “I.T.A.N” is a terrorist organisation:) you will soon find out more!

  12. Despair and sweetness.

    What an odd couple. I wonder if they have any children?

  13. Μαριλένα

    yeah the children are called nick drake and robert smith

    at least you could have left your blog open to all those readers who are not bloggers themselves..

  14. A good answer, that.

    Well, unfortunately WordPress does not let me do this. But the blog is dead now and who wants to look at a corpse?

  15. How does that thing with the username work?

  16. Maybe the blog forensics?? Donate it for research!

  17. You just send over your username so I can add it to a list of people who can actually see the blog.

    In case there is a resurrection or something.

    Pixelthis is still alive btw.

  18. You just send over your username so I can add it to a list of people who can actually see the blog.

    In case there is a resurrection or something.

    Pixelthis is still alive btw.

  19. yeah , i know about pixelthis! i guess it was only having a break..(hint, hint!!)

    i think they have a workshop coming up now.!

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