The Daedalus Project -by morfeas9

“Living divided and broken,
You run away from yourself,
Building wasteland on your trail.
Every step driven by inner fear,
Silently nourishing the coward in you,
The pain you inflict is its fodder.

‘Hypnotised’, your mother says,
‘Lost in emotions’, friends whisper,
Dreading to kiss the lips of reality,
Knowingly indulging rogues,

Ruling the kingdom of ambiguity,
In you no will, and definitely no way.
You are a goal-less passenger of life.
Don’t look back, enjoy the ride…”

You are so vain. I bet you think


Built to fly over the restraining horizon, yet you choke it within a hand-full pool of water.



Filed under Could it be art?, Could it be nothing at all?

4 responses to “The Daedalus Project -by morfeas9

  1. It should be…! I think it happens often

  2. Although I don’t see where the interstellar probe fits in.

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