Aku… Part2 -by morfeas9

The putto (plural: putti) is a figure of a pudgy human baby, almost always male, often naked and having wings, found especially in Italian Renaissance art. The figure derives from Ancient art but was “rediscovered” in the early Quattrocento. These images are frequently, and erroneously, confused with cherubs.

 One never speaks of putta, which would be the female version, since it is short for puttana, which means “slut.” In early modern Italian, the word simply meant “child”, today it’s used only in this specific meaning.

Oh…. what a cute and innocent putto!



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2 responses to “Aku… Part2 -by morfeas9

  1. You learn something new every day here.

  2. That’s why prawnkraka is here!:)

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