the cans festival. -by maria t.

sounds like fun. street party fasi, me stencil artists organized by theee banksy!

the rules of engagement are sort of weird, but yeah, i can see why they’re there.

click here(…:)if you want)>>>



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5 responses to “the cans festival. -by maria t.

  1. Μαριλένα

    Sounds like fun, sounds great, sounds whatever but also sounds a bit too far!

    Maybe the rules of engagement exist because it’s a legal event….

  2. What does whatever sound like?


  3. Μαριλένα

    Like hit music radio in someone’s car. And it also tastes like jagermeister!

  4. Never tried jagermeister.

  5. me likey.
    the rules are bit .. well you know.
    but hey, it’s good ol’ london.
    no surprise there. 🙂

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