last night. -by maria t.



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8 responses to “last night. -by maria t.

  1. Μα ακόμα τραγουδά ο Αλκίνοος σιόρ; 🙂

    Has anyone told you about the now extinct Mykonos greek cafe in Manchester by the way? That’s where the Alkinoos gigs were held when I was a student.

  2. did you watch the video?i thought he sang it in a sweet way.

    a friend of mine is taking me to that “mykonos” place tommorrow night, i heard that it’s a mixture of chinese and greek cuisine and interior, sounds like fun:p

  3. Until about a year after I left Mykonos was a proper Greek cafe/restaurant with the TV showing Nova and the the speakers pumping out Greek hit songs.
    Everybody drank frapes and everybody was smoking. My school was almost next door to it so I was a daily customer.

    Every Saturday night the owner, his brother and a couple of others formed a band and played Greek ballads and entexna.

    I don’t know what’s left of it now, I think the owner sold it off and now the new owners have incorporated Greek stuff in it to attract the huge Greek and Cypriot student population.

    I remember, I could sit on the side that oversees Oxford Street and gaze at the traffic, at the people walking and at the raindrops sliding down on the window glass. I never got bored of it.It’s that feeling you get when you watch the ground from an airplane, as if you no longer belong to anything that goes on below.

  4. Yeah, Alkinoos does sweetness quite nicely, doesn’t he? Although I think his sense of hunour isn’t that great.

    But that’s another story 🙂

  5. i shall not attend an Alkinoos gig unless he gets a new album out or he has smth new to offer.

    Last year i went to south bank to see him perform the cypriot songs. that was smth new (i had never seen that gig before) and i loved it.

    But going again and again to his regular gigs…too much.

  6. ouu!re roam, akusa pollus pe en kapos prokatelimenoi pros ton alkinoo.!
    gia tus logous pu ipes je esi..(oti en eshi kenurgia dulia)
    episis oti irten 8kio sinexomena kalojerka me ta idia tragu8kia, ta idia astia sta endiamesa je me 15 lires ticket!

    je ne, eshi llion dikeo o passenger!
    esizitusan to je kati filoi, oti to humor tou ennen panda to kalitero..

    i can’t not appreciate him though.!

  7. Ήμουν κι εγώ εκεί!
    Βασικά ο Αλκίνοος κάθε χρόνο αλλάζει ενορχηστρώσεις. Κατά τα άλλα, παραμένει πάνω κάτω ο ίδιος but we love him anyway…

  8. isun ke esi?
    what are the chances aspume…?
    je imaste je oi 8kio apo diaforetikes polis!

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