dame vivienne westwood dbe at goldsmiths. -by maria t.

at the beginning she seemed a bit out of it. too old, too white. at the reception she drank a lot of red wine, and she dipped her finger in the glass. and then she licked it.

she read her manifesto. she acted. she wore her 30s style. she said that she turned 180 degrees from her “punk rock”.

she was mad at the politicians and their lies. she is worried about ethical disasters. she said the apocalypse will come. and that people will change their fucking habits, only when they start getting poorer.

she said that we should try to understand the world that we live in. maybe through art. she said that we don’t have a purpose, but that we find one later on.

she blew her nose when they put her microphone on. and the audience laughed.

she grabbed a bottle of water from a girl in the audience, and she drunk from it.

she said that her best selling t-shirt had “i love crap” written on it.

“people love crap”, she said!



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5 responses to “dame vivienne westwood dbe at goldsmiths. -by maria t.

  1. marilena

    Vivienne and the apocalypse…!! Oh I’m missing out on all the good stuff!

  2. marilena

    If you mean in a couple of weeks or something, no. I’m coming in September, hopefully!

  3. i was talking about the next academic year!
    ne, september!
    otan 3eris, let us know!

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