yes i CAN -by morfeas9 & maria t.


 The Cans Festival – Banksy & Co.



Filed under Could it be art?, Could it be nothing at all?, Could it be politics?

8 responses to “yes i CAN -by morfeas9 & maria t.

  1. Ah, the queue!
    The orderly queue.

  2. marilena

    Under the incandescent wb, the incandescent wb!
    Auto je pellares!

  3. Ento pio exciting pu ulla to queue?

  4. Nai. Arkisa arketa oson na arkiseis jai alla na to katalaveis.

  5. ate re ithela na ertw k egw 😦
    exallos pou den me epiasete ena til.. !!!!!

  6. lol… lefty enomiza pos mono oxford street esixnazes!:P

  7. tha se exumen in mind next time lefty!
    men nomizeis…je emis kati in between imaste!
    miso apogevma sto ica aspume, je to allo miso sto topshop!

  8. Ma pote ekamamen etsi prama maria? Eleos… texni k mono texni:P

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