Minotaur -by morfeas9

“I got locked in a gallery.”

Loris Gréaud, Cellar Door (Once is Always Twice)

“Gréaud’s installation at the ICA, with its three almost identical rooms, reveals another of the artist’s key preoccupations – the notion of doubling and repetition. The repeating elements within the rooms include: high-speed automatic doors which open like shutters; special light-emitting speakers designed by the artist; and a carpet with a pattern derived in part in part from architect Buckminster Fuller’s experiments with the geodesic dome. Finally, Greaud’s installation at the ICA will be subject to a number of periodic interruptions, one of which is the arrival of three identical figures serving black champagne.”

Waiting for it to open. Enter the room. Find a rather interesting installation and a statement suggesting that in order to discover end you will have to wait until end. Nothing surprising. Suddenly locked within gallery. Another door opens. Enter the room. Same. Door closes. Trapped again. Confusion. Triggered and aroused. Wating. Waiting. Door opens. Enter the room. Same. Trapped again. Waiting. Vicious cycle.



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3 responses to “Minotaur -by morfeas9

  1. What modern art needs is robots. Big shiny robots.

  2. This particular exhibit reminds me of profiteroles though.



  3. Heh… well I didn’t find the installation very intriguing. But the fact that I got locked into three identical rooms with the profiteroles and I had nothing else to do than look at it… well that was something!

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