Accidental ode -by morfeas9

Oh the things you stumble upon in big cities. A bit of cheese and G’s. Yet, oh the magic of the masses. Ordered in little squares or over-filling and over-flowing cracks.

Oh the reversal of stereotypes. Oh the symbolism.

Oh the obsession masqueraded in fascination. (Note: People picking up bits of glitter-leftovers as souvenirs.)

 End of report. Photos from Sex and the City premier in Leicester Square.




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6 responses to “Accidental ode -by morfeas9

  1. marilena

    Or obsession masqueraded as fascination.
    Mallon ta glitter leftovers en ta pasatempo pu esirne o kosmos stis prwtagwnistries je epesan pas ta ftimata twn photografwn.

  2. Sorry eshis dikeo… Etsi ithela na po, allaksa to:P

    Ta glitters were spread on the red carpet to add a bit of glamour. Oh how necessary!

  3. Man, why are all the pictures here blue?

  4. I watched Sex And The City a couple of times because one of my roomates liked it. I never forgave him for that.

    Nah, kidding, I did forgive him.

    Anyway, the only scenes that were bearable were those with the pretty one in them.

  5. wow. people picking up glitter?

  6. @pass: The pics are not blue.. mayb u r.

    Pretty one? What about the milf?

    @andreas: exactly!!!

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