non-accidental ode… -by maria t. patricia fields and her choices..



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6 responses to “non-accidental ode… -by maria t.

  1. The last one is allright

  2. …yet all of those crazy Sex and the city..”believers” will roll out in the streets wearing what Carrie wore in the movie.

  3. @andreas: “oh the carrie bradshaw wanna beees”…as dear morfeas would say.!
    @pass: the last one is my favorite actually. by marc jacobs!

  4. Thx maria for the credit!:)

  5. I don’t really care what they say maria dear. I just loooove the clothes… (and the shoes, the bags, not to mention most accessories…)
    Pitty I cant afford all of them… (nor I could possibly walk on 11cm Manolo’s)

  6. :)oh, me too!listen, you just have to make selective and strategically correct buys!then, you will be able to afford what you have in mind!
    and you can find the right manolo’s for you, not all of them are that high!

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