waterloo. out of the blue. if you care. -by maria t.

i’m reading “a brief history of time” by stephen hawking, for some reason.

went to waterloo, for a then specific cause, and then got a bit carried away.

it was of course necessary to try on some vintage dresses and stare at fruits.

went to the cans festival site, to see the leftovers or add ons, and found some websites on the walls, if you wanna have a look:




then bought some kiwis and decided not to go to paris. ahaamm.

i also realized that morfeas smokes a lot. or at least today he did.

p.s. some interesting bits and pieces from the μπαγιάτικη visit to manchester:

-the once greek stekki of manchester students, “mikonos cafe”. it was recently bought by some chinese fellows. the outcome? a greek-chinese fusion that was quite amusing to me. we ordered some prawns on toast and giros with tzatziki.

-the male public toilets at piccadilly gardens. covering only, the very necessary.

-the fountains at piccadilly gardens. i never saw people walking and running, and getting wet….in fountains. it was overcrowded…in the fountains.

-the dome of the central library.



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4 responses to “waterloo. out of the blue. if you care. -by maria t.

  1. Mori?

    1. Let’s get carried away? Kopse to sex and the city pls!
    2. To off course en grafete etsi!
    3. Tha mioso to kapnisma sintoma:P
    4. What’s with the detailed description…. itan kala ta kiwis?

  2. ne!epidi egw ime i sex and the city junky!(???)

    oi je detailed description!to major part of the day(vlepe after king’s cross), en to esinafera kan!

    insomnia, what can i do?!

  3. Amazingly enough, από το entire Manchester που με εγυρίσαν -the extended tour παρακαλώ- εμείνε μου ο κόσμος που βουρά μες το συντριβάνι!

    (τέλειες οι φωτογραφίες, παρουσιάζουν το πιο glamourous από ότι ήταν)

  4. Parallel Words by Michio kaku is a lot more fascinating. Try that at some point.

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